Discover more about California Craft CBD and our world famous CBD Oils and Products.


Our Team:

A collective of of entrepreneurs, science enthusiasts, audiophiles and people generally dedicated to a more holistic, inclusive and sustainable future for the environment and for commerce in general.

Our Standards:

We’re very particular about what we consider a quality product. From soil to bottle, 

we expect our source ingredients to meet the following standards.


Our Oil

How it’s Grown: Cannabinoid rich hemp that is sustainably grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or excessive heavy metals. 

How it’s processed:  We use ethanol derived oil because for quality 98% target cannabinoid extraction efficiency a solvent recovery and decarboxylation techniques for solvent free pure oil.  

Our Formulas

What We Use: Ethically sourced high concentrations of active ingredients.

How its Made: A balanced formula that harmonizes the body’s

endocannabinoid system. Potency, efficacy.

Our Products

How it works: Reliability and consistent results from bottle to bottle 

How it Tastes, Smells and Looks: Subtle, thoughtful and pure our formulas taste and smell wonderful


Our Pricing

You may have noticed that California Craft CBD is priced lower than most other CBD brands on the market. Don’t mistake our price point for lack of quality.  Let’s face it, we’re all dealing with the rising cost of healthcare, healthy food, and medications. We’ve seen too many loved ones suffer because they didn’t have access to alternatives to deal with pain and illness.

The toxic effects and the severe financial burden of many medications have touched us all deeply. We don’t think having a healthy and natural alternative should break the bank or be out of reach. We believe that a healthy planet means healthy people, living a quality, pain free life.

We keep our prices lower to enable more people access

to the powerful properties of plant medicine.